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Hanne Sejrbo

Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen (b. 1950) has made drawings all her life. Following a course at a Danish folk high school which introduced her to graphic art, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Here she trained at the School of Graphic Arts under Palle Nielsen and Dan Sterup Hansen until 1977.
Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen depicts the world around her, for instance a landscape, a view through a window, a composition or a corner of her living-room. Apparently a completely random slice of reality which becomes universal and gains significance through the artist's portrayal and absorption with that particular subject.
In the 1970s and the early 1980s Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen mainly worked with prints. Her use of the blurred line of drypoint and the clean line of etching to describe slices of reality endows her small portrayals with near-abstract simplicity and lightness.
In the 1980s she rediscovered the pencil and with it the various other tones that a line may also express. The step from the multiple halftones of the pencil to colour pencil and watercolour was easily made. The new tools opened up to new ways of describing the world – colour and surface became new elements in the works of Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen.
Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen's development as an artist can be traced in the collection of prints, drawings and watercolours by her in Holstebro Kunstmuseum. In addition her works can be seen in Vejle Kunstmuseum and in the Royal Collection of Graphic Art in the National Gallery of Denmark.
Hanne Sejrbo Nielsen