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Kirsten Christensen

After having trained as a ceramicist at Kunsthåndværkerskolen (Danish Design School) in Copenhagen in 1964-69, Kirsten Christensen (b. 1943) attended Kunstakademiets Skole for Mur- og Rumkunst (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) from 1969-75.
Kirsten Christensen works in stoneware and applies ceramic methods in her artistic work. She draws and scratches in stoneware plates that are slipped and fired like traditional ceramics. She does not, however, make what we spontaneously mean by ceramics, such as bowls, pitchers or dishes.
She creates stoneware pictures – for choice in series – which in a direct and frank way tell about the fundamental conditions of life: Birth, childhood, adolescence, sex, sexuality, illness, old age and death.
Kirsten Christensen uses important events in her own life as the basis of her pictures. The pictures can for instance be composed as a page of a photo album with pictures of herself and her mother. Or they may be formed as notice boards or picture puzzles, where life and death are depicted at a physical reality level and a spiritual, symbolic level.
Kirsten Christensen’s works are based on her personal life story, but her confessions are also about common and universal subjects such as the decay of the body, loneliness, suffering, humiliations and the alienation of death – all of them delicate questions for the modern human being. Moreover, Kirsten Christensen is preoccupied with subjects such as man’s exploitation of nature and the infinity of space.
In the town of Holstebro works of the artist can be seen in Vestjysk Bank, Holstebro Posthus (post office) by the railway and DR Midt Vest (Radio Denmark’s local TV station).
Kirsten Christensen. Foto: Torben Eskerod