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Lisbeth Nielsen

Lisbeth Nielsen (b. 1952) was trained at Århus Kunstakademi (Aarhus Academy of Art) between 1970-73. She made her debut at Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling (Charlottenborg’s Spring Exhibition) in 1977.
Man is a central theme in the works of Lisbeth Nielsen. It is especially women, both as individual persons and gathered in small groups that appear in her sculptures and drawings. The figures are portrayed in a monumental manner, and often they almost coalesce with the pedestal of the sculpture.
Lisbeth Nielsen models her sculptures in clay or plaster, and later they are cast in bronze. The figures are modelled in a plain, rough and expressive way, yet they are sensitive and intimate. Owing to the rough surface the figures have no details – no features and therefore no individuality.
Lisbeth Nielsen uses the posture, motion and shape of the body to tell us about the persons. She depicts concrete situations, but the intention is to describe something of universal validity. In her sculptures Lisbeth Nielsen depicts the body as a fundamental condition of mankind.
In Lisbeth Nielsen’s charcoal and pencil drawings, too, it is the body, its lines, surfaces and shape that are depicted in simple strokes and lines. It is the sculptural qualities of the body that the drawings explain – not the individuality of the single person. In her drawings Lisbeth Nielsen comes close to abstraction. 
Lisbeth Nielsen has made many sculptures for the public space. Among others ”Two girls washing their hair” (1991), which can be seen in the Town Hall of Holstebro.
Lisbeth Nielsen, foto Ole Haupt