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October - March  
Tuesday-Friday 12-16
Weekends/Public Holidays 11-17
Monday closed
Christmas and New Year closed


Museumsvej 2A
DK-7500 Holstebro
+ 45 9742 4518



May 25 - September 15, 2013 World-Renowned Art
and World-Wide Art

The collection of Holstebro Kunstmuseum presents art as a universal phenomenon, and so the museum exhibits art from different cultures.

The museum collection consists of relatively few artists who are usually represented by a large number of works.

The following artists are exhibited (an artist can be represented in more than one group):
Classic Modernism, International
       Matisse, Henri (1869-1954), graphics ("Jazz")
       Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973), graphics (sheets from "Suite Vollard")
       Chagall, Marc (1887-1985), graphics (sheets from "Dead Souls" og "Bible I-II")
       Giacometti, Alberto (1901-1996), graphics ("Paris sans fin")
       Bacon, Francis (1909-1992), graphics ("Triptykon 1983")
Classic Modernism, Danish
       Noack, Astrid (1888-1954), sculptures, drawings
       Hartz, Lauritz (1903-1987), paintings

Abstract-Surrealism and Cobra
       Heerup, Henry (1907-1993), paintings, (junk)sculptures, drawings
       Bille, Ejler (1910-2004), paintings, sculptures, drawings
       Ferlov Mancoba, Sonja (1911-1984), sculptures, drawing
       Thommesen, Erik (1916-2008), sculptures, prints, drawings
       Bille, Ejler (1910-2004), paintings, sculptures, drawings
       Thommesen, Erik (1916-2008), sculptures, prints, drawings

Concrete, Pop and Conceptual Art
       Mertz, Albert (1920-1990), paintings, objects

Contemporary Art, Tradition-bound
       Olsen, John (b. 1938), Cabinet of Wonder, works on paper
       Westman, Inge Lise (b. 1945), paintings, sculpture

Contemporary Art, Late-Modern
       Bødker, Lene (b. 1958), glass
       Skjøttgaard, Bente (b. 1961), ceramics
       Andersen, Martin Erik (b. 1964), installation, objects, works on paper 
       Tal R (b. 1967), paintings, tapestry, sculptures, drawings, prints
       Møhl, Tobias (b. 1970), glass
       Meese, Jonathan (b. 1970), paintings
       Dr. Lakra (b. 1972), object, work on paper, murals
       Peter Linde Busk (b. 1973), paintings, prints

Non-Western Collections
       African Traditional Art, selected works from The Collection of Poul Holm Olsen 
       Balinese Traditional Art, The Collection of Ejler Bille & Agnete Therkildsen
       Pre-Columbian Ceramics, The Collection of Marie & Ole Hammer
       Southeast Asian Ceramics, The Collection of Marie & Ole Hammer