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Tal R: Veranda. 2010. Tal R: Veranda. 2010.

January 1, 2015 - Mai 16, 2016 New Painting in the Collection

Through the 1990’ new expressive and new figurative painting experiences a renaissance.

The artists working with these themes works tradition-bound and with attention on the expressive options of the painting. Fundamental artistic problems are therefore again become parts of the agenda. Especially the relation between the surface and the space of the painting, between figuration and abstraction, form and colour, writing and gesture. 
Tal R (born 1967), Jonathan Meese (born 1970) and Peter Linde Busk (born 1973) are all working with this new painting. Their respectively praxis is characterized by a material and direct approach to the painterly act, where the brushstrokes witness of both an intuitive as a careful and detailed work. All three artists’ expression is sometimes violent and pastose but is often balanced with classical or pattern compositions and a sometimes surprisingly exactness.    
In connection to contemporary painting it is often said, that the painting has entert a ’post-conceptual’ phase. That means that the painting refers to a line of historical style features and ideas of art. In the same way contemporary painting often takes up motives and issues from popular culture. Finally the wish of material authenticity often involves alternative practice and materials as those we normally connect with painting. This could be photography, texts, collage and varied forms of graphic techniques 
By extending the form of the media and the content in that way, the contemporary painting points out relevant social and ideological themes, and raises questions of identity concerning where the individual and its place in the world.  
In other words the contemporary painting places itself in a deliberated ambiguous position between historical styles and material combinations and between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste. This also means that an equivalent position comes to existence around the role of the artist, which becomes ambiguity and chancing. Often we experience that there is a lot of humor and existential passion on the go in the works of Tal R, Jonathan Meese and Peter Linde Busk      
The paintings of Tal R is colourful and full of rebellic and searching energy, witch among others is because it exists in a cross field between the trivial-expressive and a mystic, dreaming depth – and often with starting point in a concrete approach to life. Jonathan Meese painting assumes – in a rather unrestrained way – the character of a manifesto. That artistic expressions as these present ‘childish’ strokes, is due to a feeling of loss of societal balanced. But exactly therefore we have to listen to that truth that lies in the coat of the jester. 
Peter Linde Busk does not in the same way try to break down the existing normative. But none the less his painterly approach is connected with great risk and doubt, which is expressed in the alarming feeling of his works. The changing between flawless figuration and sketching look lets the fundamental premises stand out, and is at the same time offering a personal sight