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31. January - 31. May 2015 The Still Life - Illusion & Reality

Within the visual arts, the term still life refers to a portrayal of a group of dead or immobile objects, such as flowers, fruit or various household items. Historically, this is a category of motifs which goes back to antiquity. The genre is to a large extent occupied with the everyday, tangible and ‘ordinary’ world of things; later, however, it also came to include lavish extravagant displays of precious objects that demonstrated the growing influence of the dominant groups in society. Still lifes are often rooted in extensive symbol systems, both religious and secular, which amongst other things reflect changes in the awareness of death and a new understanding of life’s transience. The development of the genre is thus always associated with social and economic upheavals and new cultural reorientations. 
Today, the still life genre can still be applied to provoke significant discussions on our immediate surroundings, socialising forms of behaviour and worldview. This is something that the participating artists in the exhibition The Still Life – Illusion & Reality demonstrate very clearly. Through a variety of approaches and artistic media, the overall theme of the exhibition is illuminated in the cross-field between imitation of nature, sign and representation; mimesis and metaphor; as illusionistic and hyper-real mirage; and as a disciplining in presentation aesthetics of vision and perception. 
The exhibition’s participating artists each in their own way represent a new empowerment of the still life genre with equal parts awareness of tradition and urge for renewal, encompassing a new ambiguous symbolic language, new association formations and a new narrative desire. Certain of the works in the exhibition represent sides of the artistic work which will be unfamiliar to some of us. But the participants have also been composed in a manner that, in terms of world view and means of portrayal, traces crucial aspects and turning-points in the history of the still life genre. The aim of the exhibition is in other words to illuminate the still life genre as a living tradition; a form of figurative expression which, although its roots stretch far back in time, also encompasses great possibilities for change. 

The exhibition shows works by the following artists: Martin Erik Andersen (b. 1964), Christoffer Munch Andersen (b. 1979), Morten Buch (b. 1970), Gamborg & Magnussen (Karen Gamborg Knudsen, b. 1978 og Kasper Magnussen, b. 1977), Jørgen Geisted (b. 1949), Ulrik Heltoft (b. 1973), Jeanette Hillig (b. 1977), Jakob Hunosøe (b. 1975), Per Kirkeby (b. 1938), Thomas Kluge (b. 1969), Tove Storch (b. 1981) og Niels Strøbek (b. 1944).