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Sophie Hjerl: Uden titel. Fotografi af afrikansk maske set bagfra. 2016. Sophie Hjerl: Uden titel. Fotografi af afrikansk maske set bagfra. 2016.

September 24 - December 4, 2016 LIVING THE WORK THE WORLD

Artist Sophie Hjerl and storyteller Ingrid Hvass have created an exhibition that addresses the foundation that was laid for the cultural city of Holstebro 50 years ago.

Watch pictures from the Exhibition here
For 50 years, Alberto Giacometti's sculpture Woman with Chariot has been an important part of the identity of the city of Holstebro. It is also in 1966 that the experimental – and since world-renowned – Odin Theatre comes to town bringing great amazement. The founding of Holstebro Kunstmuseum is in full swing and inaugurated the following year, presenting Danish and international art but also the Danish sculptor Poul Holm Olsen's African collection; a collection which was later donated to the museum. All these events marked the beginning of what has since become known as Culture Model Holstebro – a politically visionary effort that put Holstebro on the map as a pioneering municipality in art and culture.

Building on a long-lasting working relationship, Sophie Hjerl and Ingrid Hvass have developed a keen understanding on how art and culture is embedded in the spirit and history of a particular locality; the genius loci. In the spring of 2016, as a prelude to the exhibition, Holstebro citizens were invited to Storyteller Cafés in Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Holstebro Museum and Odin Theatre to tell about their personal cultural experiences in the city for the last 50 years.

Based on these stories Sophie Hjerl and Ingrid Hvass have created a visual and auditory total staging of the museum's Færch Wing. The central part of the exhibition offers a rich and sensuous video installation, which is complemented with sculpture, sound, narratives and 2-dimensional works.

The exhibition LIVING THE WORK THE WORLD will not only reflect on Holstebro's quite peculiar history as a forward-looking cultural city of the province, but also on art and culture as an inherent universal force in all societies at all times. The exhibition wishes to contribute to a dynamic and expanded understanding of art in its past, present and future form. And to open up the realizations arising from: Living with the work in the world!

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of events and lectures, panel discussions and artist talks. Workshops for schools will result in the creation of the imaginative and futuristic city 'METROBRO' – Holstebro in the year 2036.

During the exhibition period students from the Danish Talent Academy's school of creative writing – which is based in Holstebro – will develop a 'NEAR FUTURE STORY'. The first line is written on the wall of the exhibition in conjunction with the opening on September 24. Each week during the exhibition new lines will be added. The full text is read aloud in connection with a Future Panel on 26 November.

Sophie Hjerl (b. 1971) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. She also holds an MA in Theory and Communication (2002). She works in a variety of media with a special focus on video. Along with Jeanette Land Schou, the Music Theatre Holstebro and Holstebro Kunstmuseum, she arranged the 2010-2012 project 'Terrain Video - Video on the edge', which for two years presented Danish and international video art on the music theatre's outdoor giant screen. She exhibits frequently at home and abroad.

Ingrid Hvass (f.1955) is a storyteller based in Holstebro. She has an MA in Danish Literature and Theatre Studies from the University of Copenhagen and has been involved in numerous cultural projects. In 1999-2002 she was storyteller and actor in Teatret Om, professional storyteller from 2003 and artistic director of Fortællefestivalen (The Storytelling Festival) at Nørre Vosborg from its inception in 2006 to 2012. In 2011 she opened the Fortælle Galleriet (The Storytelling Gallery) in Holstebro and she is part of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (the Nordic Theatre Laboratory).

LIVING THE WORK THE WORLD is the result of a collaboration between Sophie Hjerl, Ingrid Hvass, Odin Teatret, Holstebro Museum, Marens Venner and Holstebro Kunstuseum. The exhibition has received generous support from Holstebro Municipality, Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond, Aarhus Filmværksted and Færch Plast.