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Ursula Nistrup: From the Pink Sand Ursula Nistrup: From the Pink Sand

Until May 19, 2019 Ursula Nistrup
- From the Pink Sand

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With her exhibition From the Pink Sand, the audio and visual artist Ursula Nistrup has created a sensorily-saturated future scenario for the Færch Wing of Holstebro Kunstmuseum. The exhibition speculatively examines how living organisms become altered over time by geology and the complex ecosystems of the Earth.
The focal point is on a particular species of butterfly that, during droughts, feeds exclusively on desert sand. This adaptability has led Nistrup to consider the ability of mankind, too, to develop new forms of existence and survival beyond that of biological logic. 
In the high-ceilinged hall of the Færch Wing, the butterfly appears in the form of three abstract silk sculptures in an aural desert landscape, created in collaboration with the singer Cæcilie Trier and the sound designer Peter Albrechtsen. The exhibition’s framework narrative is expounded in the accompanying fiction text, ''Through Tzeela’s Wings'', which Nistrup has written in collaboration with the author Ida Marie Hede. 
For Ursula Nistrup, sound is a fundamental force in life that can create worlds, intimate notions and extended horizons. The exhibition therefore also includes the photo series Rock Music (2015), which documents the ancient granite landscape at Hampi in India. The photographed granite blocks possess special resonance properties, and were used in the 16th century in the construction of the musical columns in the nearby Vittala  Temple
In the series Resonating Pillars (2017), Nistrup, in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen, has recreated the temple columns in porcelain, and has lowered sensitive microphones into some of them that capture, amplify and distort the sounds in the exhibition rooms. The columns of the Vittala Temple also form the starting-point for the extensive work Pink Pillars (2014/2018) and the photo series Caves (2018). 
Wild Gospel (2019) consists of six ceramic jars for wild flowers. The individual design of the jars affects the potential growth of the flowers in a way that, according to Nistrup, is comparable to the call-and-response singing of a gospel choir. 
Finally, the series Handheld in Situations (1998) is also included, in which the photographic image is produced by the effect of the given surroundings on light-sensitive paper, without the use of a camera. 
Overall, the exhibition From the Pink Sand forms a symbol of how living organisms sensorily interact and enter into close symbiosis with their surroundings. At the same time, in a future perspective, it addresses the climate challenges that we will inevitably encounter, and which we are  to some extent already experiencing.  
The exhibition is supported by:
The Danish Arts Foundation, the L.F. Foght 
Foundation, Royal Copenhagen and Stouenborg. 

Cosmic Desert 
Kunsthal Aarhus, 22 February - 14 April 2019  
Simultaneously with the exhibition at Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Kunsthal Aarhus presents the exhibition Cosmic Desert. With her newly-produced film Journey into Deep Materiality and a series of 
Jewellery-like objects, Nistrup has created a poetic tale of geological processes and the mysterious evidence of a distant past within the present. The focal point of the exhibition is Libyan Desert Glass, which can be found in the Western Sahara. According to scientific studies, this particular glass deposit was created by a meteor strike that took place 29 million years ago. However, since no meteor crater has been located in the area, the origins of the desert glass remains subject to speculation.
Ursula Nistrup (b. 1974) has studied at Glasgow School of Art and California Institute of the Arts. She has an extensive exhibition portfolio and has received numerous travel grants, commissions and honorary scholarships. Most recently the Niels Wessel Bagges Arts Foundation scholarship. She is represented in private as well as public collections, among others the Municipality of Copenhagen's art collection and Sorø Kunstmuseum. Nistrup is currently collaborating with B&O in Struer on a large public art project.