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26 September 2020 - 17 January 2021 Navigations
Temporary exhibition

Where do we come from? Where are we? Where are we going? These are questions that we are accustomed to asking ourselves when we need to find our way in the world – in both concreteand existential terms. 
Back in the 17th century, the great technological innovations of the day in shipping made it possible to illuminate, survey and draw the outer world over which mankind at that time had dominion. The hand-coloured atlas of nautical charts De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Wereld, published in 1669 by the printer Hendrick Doncker (1625/26-1699), bear distinguished testimony to this. At the same time, one of the greatest artists of the period, Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-69), was creating copper prints that focused instead on the inner darkness of human beings. 
This relationship between inner and outer, between human beings and their surroundings, and between the mapper and the mapped, has now changed dramatically. Our time is characterised by great challenges that call for new ways of navigating, whether we are dealing with climate change or the consequences of Big Data, surveillance, artificial intelligence and our digital lives. While earlier mappings of the world were created ‘in the image of man’, reality today seems beyond individual control. 
Against the historical background of Doncker’s and Rembrandt’s respective mappings, Holstebro Kunstmuseum, in collaboration with Vejle Museum of Art, has invited four contemporary artists to explore the wide-ranging changes that characterise the world today. Rikke Benborg (b. 1973), Kristoffer Ørum (b. 1975), Gry Bagøien (b. 1975) and Ferdinand Ahm Krag (b. 1977) have each created their own artistic environment that reflects upon mankind’s possibilities of navigation – both now and in a future that is still shrouded in darkness. 
We sense that new forms of orientation lie ahead, but which ones? There are no clear answers to that, but in a time of upheaval, there is a need for reflection. 
Folders with explanatory texts and contributions by the artists are available at the exhibition and at the ticket sales. You are welcome to bring a copy around with you at the exhibition, or take it home. 
The exhibition’s accompanying book publication contains both academic articles and material created specifically in the context of the exhibition’s four contemporary artists. The publication design is based on the classic red travel books of the 19th and 20th centuries by the German Karl Baedeker. 
Welcome to the exhibition!

Navigations – on the edge of a changing world was shown at Vejle Art Museum from 7 March until 16 August 2020. 
The exhibition catalogue is published in collaboration with Aarhus University Press. 

The exhibition project has been realised with the generous support of the A.P. Møller Foundation, the Knud Højgaard Foundation, the 15 June Foundation, the George and Emma Jorck Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation, the New Carlsberg Foundation and Red Giant.